Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mrs. Kwitty's Cottage

I won, I won, I won Mrs. Kwitty's blog giveaway! I never win stuff, nope, not even free french fries from a scratch-off card, and I WON!!! Mrs. Kwitty sent me a package of cottagey goodness filled with handmade treasures from her Etsy shop, Mrs. Kwitty's Cottage. Now, let's see, there is a travel set (drawstring bag, kleenex keeper, and keychain cardholder), and yummy birdy tags, and clothespin magnets, and a lavendar sachet, and, and, and...! Thank you, Mrs. Kwitty, for your generosity and thoughtfulness!

1 comment:

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Awww--thanks so much for the nice write-up!!! I'm so very happy that you are pleased with your gifts...they could've gone to a nicer person!!
Smiles, Karen

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