Friday, August 29, 2008

Cool Stuff. Useless, but Cool.

What was lost has now been found. Discovered after cleaning and sorting my studio:
A bucket of crystal chandelier drops. I don't have a chandelier. I have never had a chandelier.

A bag of old, tarnished Christmas ornaments. I have boxes of them. Why aren't these with the rest?
My collection of beverage coasters from around the world. Don't ask.
Vintage bottle caps. Mr. Catnip urged me to keep them, as I recall. This was a noteable event in our marriage.
Old, original chippy paint fake candle electric wall lamp. I just had to have it. So I could stick it in a box and forget about it.
Gorgeous old ceramic lamp base. The rest of the lamp is unremarkable. Again, I just had to have it. So I could stick it in a box know the rest.
At the bottom of the "had to have it" box, just what I needed - more chandelier drops.


Babs said...

Hey Catnip, I'm right there with ya! I love chanelier parts! I made some really cool coasters and a serving tray with beer bottle caps once. Thanks for sharing your stuff!

KayEllen said...

Fun photos of vintage goodies:)
Love the bucket of chandelier pieces!
It's like looking into a treasure chest:)
Found you via Sunshine and Ravioli!

have a great weekend,


Mrs.Kwitty said...

Hey! I have a box here very similar to yours, LOL! I'm sure that now that you have unearthed those chandelier parts, you will think of something fabulous to do with them...there has to be a Christmas ornament hiding in there somewhere, just waiting to be created......

Smiles, Karen

p.s. thanks for the concern and kindness regarding my brother--you are a sweety!

Nita Jo said...

Love the chandelier drops! I have a few left over from my mom's estate. Wish I had kept the chandelier. Great lamp... I have a few that I'm going to rewire "someday"... until then, just like you, they will be in a box. Great blog. Found you through Sunshine and Ravioli.

Nita Jo

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