Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lollishops and Elegant Whimsy

Lollishops, a juried marketplace for artists specializing in fanciful, romantic, elegant, and whimsical creations, is having a contest on the Lollishops Blog. The guest blogger, Laura Bray, has challenged us to blog about living the Elegant Whimsy lifestyle - something in our house, or something we do.

Now, just to catch you up, Lollishops will have three main categories: Fanciful Creations, Romantic Inspirations, and Elegant Whimsy. I'm in Romantic Inspirations, primarily, for my vintage broken floral china jewelry, mosaics, and decoupage ornaments. Soooo, off I went, on a hunt through my home, to track down something elegant, AND whimsical. It was a tough crowd, with floral teacups, traditional still life paintings, and elegant (but NOT whimsical) statuary jeering at me as I valiantly whisked by with my trusty digital camera in hand. Room by room, getting more discouraged with each realization that, in fact, I AM NOT a whimsical decorator!

But all is not lost. I entered the last room, the laundry room, to the faint tinklings of a heavenly choir. The choir reached crescendo heights as I looked up to beloved collection of fu dogs! Collected over twenty years, up and down the state of California, and all over the world, they signified safety and protection and home. Loyal dogs always at the ready, whether in storage, or relegated to the laundry room. Were they elegant? I think so, in their own doggy way. Were they whimsical? Perhaps only to me. What do you think?


She'sSewPretty said...

I don't think I have anything elegant whimsical! Your dogs fit right in though.
Thanks so much for showcasing my pincushion too! What a surprise to see it here!

katydiddy said...

Wonderful! Those are elegant & whimsical. I love that you put them in the laundry room! Thanks for playing along.

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