Saturday, August 9, 2008

Personal Best

Yesterday, I achieved a personal best - five treasuries featured a handmade home decor item from my Etsy shop, Catnip Studio, Too! Plus, three silver stars (alternate selection)! Yep, I'm braggin' and I have no shame...

Treasuries are a big deal on Etsy, or not, depending on who you ask. They give their creators (curators), and those items featured, special visibility amongst the tens of thousands upon tens of thousands of wonderful choices on Etsy. A chance (however small it may be) to have your treasury selected for Etsy's front page, or to be featured within a treasury on the front page, is one reason that "snagging" a treasury (read: waiting for an hour or more for the magic box popup signaling that treasuries are available if you are quick and don't blink), or being selected for one, is a big deal as it often results in shop sales for those featured. But, most important of all, they are just FUN!

So that's the short explanation of treasuries on Etsy, and I won't bore you more with a long one, except to add that treasuries are kind of like mayflies - they don't live long (only 1-3 days), so I didn't link the screen shots.

Red X marks my spot on each treasury, and my thanks to the wonderful and talented curators/artists: Artsy Rubbish, Flying Colors, Tag's Cats, The Crocodile Rock, and Torrie Smiley.


Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Congratulations to you!! Wow! That is fantastic and well deserved!! Hope it leads to lots and lots of sales for you!

Opheeelia said...

WOW, WOW, WOW! Excellent!!! I have my eye on some of your things, can you feel my eyes boring into them? ;)

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