Friday, September 26, 2008

Teatime at Catnip Studio

It's teatime at Catnip Studio, as I am experimenting with staging and props for Lollishops photos of one of my vintage broken china mosaic trays. This is my first real foray into multiple photo props, staging, and setting a theme, and I am certain that the staff at (InsertFamousName) Magazine have got it easy! After all, they have shelves and shelves and shelves (a warehouse, I'm sure) of marvelously good, and organized, treasures in every color, texture, and shape under the sun. I home with a decades-blended, eclectic mix of countrypersianformaltraditionalenglishfrenchcottageretro stuff!

The pale blue and white brocade-looking background is new wrapping paper, ever-so-artfully hanging by shoving the roll behind a wall mirror and draping the paper down the wall and over the table below. I like it, I think, but it did have a shiny finish that was awkward to photograph, so I don't recommend it.

I used my old teapot, a sentimental favorite that I have never used for tea. Along with the matching sugar and creamer (not shown), I display them because they are pretty. Once in a great while I polish them, as I did for these photos. Really, I did.

I married the Hazel Chintz demi-cup and saucer from antique stores. The pinky lavender floral teacup set below was my grandmother's. I prefer the photos with the Hazel Chintz, but I suspect some would prefer the lighter cup. The tea in the cups is watered-down soda pop, as I wasn't motivated to make tea I wasn't going to drink.

I added a silver spoon, a vintage doily masquerading as a lace napkin, and tea cookies.

I put everything away after I snapped the photos, and before I had loaded them up to get a better look. And, of course, I noticed things that I would have done differently, like the arrangement of the cookies resting below on the teacup's saucer. And not using the crocheted potholder under the teapot (can't put my finger on why, just wish I taken some shots without it, for comparison). I would love to know what you think!


Mrs.Kwitty said...

I like the props Kathy--It's a bit of an eclectic blend and has a nicely personal feel. Very nice. My favorite of the 3 pics is the last one. BTW--your tray is gorgeous!
Smiles, Karen

Sadie said...

Kathy, I think it looks great! It's entirely up to you if youwant to stay in this ad or do the next one...but I think this looks really fabulous.

art by naomi said...

Beautiful tray Kathy, my fav. is the last one as well. The whole setting features the tray nicely and the colors work really well together.

She Who Runs Amok said...

the tray is gorgeous!

What I would maybe do differently?

-the tray is the shining star so I would recommend using a teacup and saucer that was less busy, maybe a simple white cup/saucer with just a pink rose on it?

-I agree with the doily under the teapot. I think it just brings in another bunch of colors that pull your eye away from the tray.

-ditto on the background paper, again, its gorgeous but with the strong rose and white theme of the tray, I would like to see either a plain linen weave paper or fabric under everything or a white on white damask...

- the cookies are FAB! another little sweet touch would be a little stack of sugarcubes on the right side of the saucer...

- a sprig of lavender (3-5 pieces, varied lengths but cut and even stems) laying across the tray, tied with a bit of satin ribbon would be a nice touch...

I hope you dont mind! I just did a little 'fashion show' with my jewelry this week so Im in the "Staging"

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your sweet comment! This tea cup is so beautiful! I adore tea sets :3 hehe, so girly!

Alisa said...

I think it looks good Kathy. I wouldn't use the potholder either... I don't think it's formal enough to work with the silver pieces. However, the doily looks perfect. And I like the lighter teacup... It helps the tray to stand out more. Just my 2 cents. :)

Kathy-Catnip Studio said...

I thank all of you for taking time to give me your thoughts. I may be able to improve on the #3 photo by the deadline, and I am sure to improve, overall, with more practice! Sincerely, Kathy

Ederafaerie said...

Hi Kathy~
Just want to say thanks so much for your sweet and encouraging comment on my blog!
And I love your broken china jewelry and mosiacs...such a creative reuse :) Looking forward to seeing what other goodies you make once Lollishops opens!
Take care,

Betty said...

Gorgeous!!! I need/want/covet that tray!!!

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