Monday, September 15, 2008

Monkey Mania (Monkey in the Middle Monday)

It's Monkey in the Middle Monday (again, already, sigh) and I have several monkeys clamoring for completion today! This brass filigree bracelet with a vintage reproduction button from La Mode looks finished, but I'm going to be adding more pearls to the chain areas, and complete a matching necklace.
This mosaic birdhouse for Ms. Lynn's Tea House in Montague, CA is almost ready for grouting, just the back and part of one side are still unfinished. You can see a glimpse of some of my sandblasting work on the rims of the terra cotta pots behind the birdhouse, also a monkey, as I haven't decided whether to stain the rim to make the design pop or leave as is. Opinions welcome!
I've purchased cabinet pulls for last Monday's monkey, and I think I might use the brass stampings as frames for the pulls. Both will be painted and distressed to blend with the cabinet's future paint finish.
Be sure to visit our MIMM hostess, Steph at Sunshine&Ravioli, for more Monday goodness. Her works in progress are always a joy to behold! To learn more about MIMM, click here.

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