Monday, September 8, 2008

Vintage Victrola (Monkey in the Middle Monday)

A vintage, damaged victrola cabinet, now repaired and sanded for painting. I'm leaving the undamaged inside as found, especially because the original label is still in place and in good condition. The shelves are for my scrapbook paper storage, and the space where the long-gone crank record player went will hold a basket of punches and other supplies. The small doors and the deeply coved top both access the basket space. I think I'm going to paint it blue with some faux treatments for that distressed shabby look. And some metallic highlights. And some pretty door knobs. And maybe some carved wood progress may take up a few MIMMs!

All of the hardware appears to be original, though the door knobs were long gone. The wood wheels are in great condition and roll freely. I paid $35.00 for this wonderful, soon-to-be-repurposed storage cabinet!
Be sure to visit our MIMM hostess, Sunshine&Ravioli, to see what she's been up to this Monday! Her beautiful gift tags are divine, and her hand drawn and colored artworks speak of happiness and home...


Babs said...

Oh wow! That is soooo cool. I can't wait to see it when it done.


SunshineandRavioli said...

I am VERY jealous! Can't wait to see the final version because it is already pretty awesome the way it is!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

What a wonderful cabinet--and perfect for paper storage! wow--I'm a little jealous! lol Great idea. Be sure to show us when you get it finished the way you want it--ok?

Smiles, Karen

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