Thursday, November 20, 2008

Autumn Tag Tutorial

My first blog tutorial (takes bow). As with any set of directions, read through whole post before commencing with tag crafting. Not that any of you need a how-to on cutting papers with scissors, rubbing color on the paper, and gluing said papers together. This was covered in early grade school. And just like back then, it doesn't have to be perfect because it's supposed to be fun! So I'll skip those steps; in fact, I'll probably skip several steps, but the photos pretty much cover them.

Pictured above, and listed below, are the tools I used:

  • 1 1/4" x 2" oval punch (acorn bases and corn cobs)

  • 2 5/16" x 3" oval punch (tag base)

  • 1 1/2" round scallop punch (acorn caps)

  • 1/8" hole punch (for attaching twine)

  • 1/4" hole punch (holly berries)

  • mini-scallop edging scissors (for corn cobs)

  • small, pointy end scissors (for cutting tight curves and crisp inner points, I love my Westcott Titanium #13674 5-inch scissors, but beware - these babies are wicked SHARP)

  • bone folder (for smoothly mashing paper/glue/paper)

  • liquid lead pencil (never needs sharpening, and erases easily)
Pictured above, and listed below, are the inks and adhesives I used:

  • Scotch Quick-dry Adhesive (the precision tip is handy for small items like the berries)

  • Scotch Permanent Glue Stick (I've tried other brands, and I prefer this one)

  • inks to match or compliment your papers (I used Versa Magic Chalk Ink in Gingerbread and Red Brick, and a yellow-green ink from a Rubber Stampede Set)

  • permanent fine-point marker in complimentary color (I used brown)
Pictured above, and listed below, are the paper cut-outs and string I used:

  • brown twine (for tag strings)

  • beige twine (for corn tassels)

  • 2 5/16" x 3" punched ovals (for tag bases)

  • holly leaf pattern (follow link, save image to your desktop, print on cardstock, cut it out, and trace leaf onto your patterned paper)

  • 1/4" hole punch cuts (for berries, 3 per holly tag)

  • 1 1/2" punched scallop round, cut in half (for acorn tops)

  • 1 1/4" x 2" punched ovals (for acorn bases, 2 per tag; cut off a bit of one end, as shown, if you don't want long acorns)

  • 1 1/4" x 2" punched ovals (for corn cobs, 3 per tag; cut each long side with the mini-scalloped scissors, making one end narrower, as shown)

  • You thought I forgot about the scrapbook papers?!? Well, I did. That's why they're at the end of this section. I used K-Ology Hannah Scrap Pad To Go 12 x 12 Papers from K & Company, and generic tan cardstock.


  • Read through the whole blog post before commencing tag crafting (yes, I said this already, just making sure).

  • Download, print, and cut holly leaf pattern.

  • Gather tools, inks, adhesives, papers, and string.

  • Trace leaf pattern onto desired papers.

  • Cut/punch out paper pieces.

  • Ink the edges of your papers as desired. If desired, ***draw details as shown in pic below with permanent marker (except for acorns and holly berries; do them after gluing).

  • Glue the paper parts together as shown, or similar. Use bone folder to squish papers and glue together. For berries, if you are using a dot of the Scotch precision tip adhesive, just put them in place, and let dry).

  • Draw stem of bottom acorn, and a dot at each acorn base, as shown.

  • Dot base of each holly berry, as shown.

  • If you haven't already, squiggle in some corn rows, and holly leaf veins. A little goes a long way. (***Note: all tags look just fine without any drawn details).

  • Strategically punch 1/8" holes as shown, for attaching twine, as the twine becomes the stem.

  • Cut a long (about 10 inches) piece of brown twine for each tag, *****carefully attach as shown, and knot each end for a nice finish.

  • Cut 3 short (about 3 inches each) pieces of beige twine for corn tassels, *****carefully attach to corn tag as shown, and trim to suit. (*****Note: the twine is not very forgiving - if you tug too hard, you will tear the punched hole. Practice first, to get the hang (no pun intended) of it - or use embroidery thread!
Tah-Dah! You now have Autumn Tags for your personal use on gift boxes, Thanksgiving table settings, harvest wreaths, and such. But not to sell. That's what I do with them :-).
***Constructive criticism from experienced craft tutorial writers, and from crafters who attempted to follow my first tutorial, is most welcome.***


Mrs.Kwitty said...

Very nice tut! The tags are wonderful and you made it so very easy to follow along.
Smiles, Karen

Nancy said...

Excellent tutorial. Reminded me I still need to get a bone folder. Love that Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive. Beautiful format. Personally, I find a left formatted list easier to read. But, it looks so pretty. And, the tags. All so neatly done. Shows a lot of hard work.

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Great job on your tutorial!! And the tags look great too! Love that Scotch glue too! My favorite as well.

SunshineandRavioli said...

I write decorative painting patterns as well as my little tag business and I know what a pain it can be to write out instructions, even for the simplest items. You did an awesome job!! (0:

Graceful Glassier said...

Oh, these tags are so autumn. So pretty !!! Wow, thanks for the awesome, extensive how-to on making these. My interest in paper crafting is really increasing. I just have to be careful it does not take any time away from my beading, LOL.

I enjoyed your blod today. Thanks for sharing.

Kathy-Catnip Studio said...

Thanks to all for your comments! I plan more tutorials in the future...Kathy

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