Monday, November 10, 2008

The Tagging Game

Opheeelia Says I've been tagged! She's hilariously good fun to read, be sure to check out her six quirks! Like every good thing, tagging comes with rules:
Link to the person who tagged you (check); mention the rules (check); tell of six quirky things about yourself (check); tag six other bloggers by linking to them (check); go to their blogs and leave a comment to let them know they've been tagged (check, check, and double check).
My taggees, in no particular order:
Catnap Cottage , where Vintage and Divine go to tea together!
Starry Deborah recently returned from a trip to Paris, France, and she's sharing beautiful photos and tales of her trip!
RicRacSally has recently transitioned from vendor to shopper, and like any good shopper, she shares!
Faded But Desire Treasures was recently honored as a featured shop on The Rose Bridge !
Berry Lane , a cottage style street filled with yummy handmades!
Southern Lady's Vintage is currently celebrating a front page treasury spot on Etsy!
Six tedious and quirky tidbits about me:
I once had a pet praying mantis. I cried like a baby when it went to insect heaven. I was eleven years old, okay?
I can smell mold on bread before it's visible, and before anyone else in my household. I can also smell ants (they stink, let me tell ya).
I lurv vampire movies and novels. I just do, that's why. My latest vampire obsession is the True Blood series on HBO. It more than makes up for the untimely 1996 cancellation of Kindred: The Embraced . Bite me. Please.
There is no way to disguise okra or eggplant. Stop trying. I won't eat it.
I've suffered from motion sickness all of my life. When I was a child, I had to clean up the carseat myself, as my mom would, erm, make a bigger mess if she tried to do it. Lucky me, only the motion made me toss MY cookies. (For those of you wondering how I survived sea duty in the U.S. Navy - drugs, lots of drugs. Seriously, though, they were over-the-counter seasick pills).
I do not like beer. Unless it is mixed with lemonade. In Australia, it's known as a "shanty". In America, it's known as "alcohol abuse".


Babs said...

OMG! I am just so loving these quirky comments. This "tagging" really has revealed some great stuff about my favorite bloggers. First Susan from Opheeelia, now you Kathy. Thanks for playing!


Me said...

You are killing me here!!! I used to eat ants when I was younger, they're actually spicy! I think that's where my love of hot food comes from.
I LOVE True Blood, omg. That is one great show!

Graceful Glassier said...

I had to chuckle when reading your "quirks". My husband thinks I am nuts when I proclaim "I am not eating that bread, it is already molding" when he cannot smell or see a thing. I can definately smell it. I can also smell the milk going bad before anyone else can, and I can't drink it at this point. I can smell and taste when the butter is a bit "off" too.

BUT... LOL, I have to say, I have never smelled an ant !!!

But I think moths stink !

Kathy-Catnip Studio said...

Babs - I love the quirks, too!

Opheeelia - they don't SMELL spicy, trust me on this.

Graceful Glassier - I'm with you on the milk and butter, too, but moths? It's been a while since I've even seen one, but I have a vague scent memory of...dust. I'll be on the lookout for moths, now!

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