Sunday, December 28, 2008

Gingham, Dots, and Hearts, Oh My!

Now that Christmas 2008 is past and I contemplate restoring our home to pre-holiday decor, my hands are busy creating for the new year. Here are some sneak peeks of Valentine goodies coming to Catnip Studio Too at Lollishops!
The flocked, floral paper shown above in blue, and below in red and pink, adds a touch of cottage elegance to the gift tags. Fresh, and retro, all at once! I especially enjoyed combining the black and white gingham ribbon and black ink dots for some contrast.
The tags above display rich, neutral shades of cream, tea, and soft black in cardstock and scrapbook papers. Shorthand script and old parchment images add a touch of the mysterious - a secret romance, perhaps?
The gorgeous taupes with cream and pale blue brocade papers above suggest a bridal theme, perfectly complimented by cream floral jacquard ribbon.
Embossed and glittered vines twine sweetly across the cardstock hearts above, and eggshell yellow acetate ribbon compliments the coral pinks, and brings out the matching yellows.
Lastly, a sweet pink posey decoupage ornament for Spring, sporting an opal glitter finish (for a subtle, rich glow hard to capture on camera) and a metallic pink-fading-to-gold ribbon attached to gold toned findings.

Friday, December 19, 2008

LolliShop: Twigs and Feathers

My first purchase from LolliShops, shown above, was a gorgeous set of Christmas gift tags from Twigs & Feathers! I just love the tiny glitter and big glitter details, the sweet combination of patterned papers (yummy red music sheet!), and the ribbon ties (a rich, mocha brown with tiny red dots - I want this ribbon in every color combo possible!). I've already used some of them, and when they're all gone, I may have to revisit Twigs & Feathers :-)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oh, Christmas Tree

We have a tabletop 4-footer tree for this year, with my treasured painted papier mache ornaments from overseas. Mixed in are a few satin stuffed animal ornaments, and traditional glass ornaments with sentimental odds and ends here and there.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Plaster of Paris, Plastic, and a Mother's Love

Above are some of the ornaments that decorated our Christmas tree back in the day (okay, it was waayyy back in the day, the sixties, to be exact). I remembered them, recently, and asked my mom if they were still around. After digging around in her Storage of Lost and Forgotten Things, we found them, and more.

The watercolor-painted plaster of paris ornaments above seemed familiar, but I had to ask my mom why this was so. As she began to refresh my memory, it came back! My mom, sister, and I had made them together; there were more, but they are long gone.

The bright, primary colored plastic ornaments were also on our childhood Christmas trees, but I don't remember them at all.

Last, but not least, very vintage glass ornaments, some probably Shiny Brites, also from the Storage of Lost and Forgotten Things. My mom hasn't used these ornaments in years, though she does still use the silvery white aluminum fake (ya think?) tree from our childhood, with serene blue glass ornaments. So, she let me take the old stuff home. She saves everything, knowing that, in time, all will be loved again. I'll admit that I have a hankering for that old, white aluminum tree, too. But that's a someday that is, hopefully, still far, far away.

Thank you to Southern Lady's Vintage

A thoughtful, kind, and sweet Southern Lady (do check out her blog , Etsy shop , and LolliShop!). She let me know I was in a treasury this morning on Etsy's front page, which I much appreciate as I always miss these events. I hunted down a screenshot, thanks to The Etsy Front Pagers, a Flickr group. My thanks, also, to the treasury curator, KarmaRox. My mosaic tray, Pink Garden, is second row from top, on the left.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Cottage Chic, Vacuuming Acorns, and Watering Lawn with Fire Hose

Update: In response to the comments regarding yardwork, Mr. Catnip announced that next year he will be hosting the first "Acorn Festival," and you are all invited to pick up (and take away) all of our acorns! (He's a funny guy, Mr. Catnip).
Since our first snow back in November, and a few minor rain drizzlers, it's just been cold and dry here in Northern California. Mr. Catnip did some yardwork, and tried out his new fire hose nozzle (we haul and store water for drought and fire-fighting). Lawn-watering went very fast.

Mr. Catnip likes our oak trees, but hates leaves and acorns, as he is in charge of the yard. More on that here. The lawn fills up with acorns in fall, and Mr. Catnip is pretty pleased with himself since he discovered that his shop vac does a great, and speedy, job of picking up those pesky acorns.
And, finally, December's issue of Country Home, my favorite magazine, features chic, cottage style on the cover, in aqua and pink and polka dots, oh my! I've added some of my own paper creations (decoupage ornament and paper stocking caps), polka dot gift cards, and a vintage, pink plastic Santa with sleigh and reindeer for a pretty picture.
Above is my shameless self-promotion closeup shot...

and, to close, Santa waves to all.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Siskiyou Craft Show Treasure!

At our local November craft show, I discovered a booth of magical, tinkling silver bling - beautiful vintage silverplate vessels and utensils repurposed into musical windchimes! Every piece has a unique song, and I was so enchanted that I had to drag myself away from ooohing and aaahing over each creation! Owner and artisan Peg Rathburn, (pictured on the left, with her friend and stall assistant, Debi, on the right) can be reached at Rivers Edge Windchimes, P.O. Box 721, Seiad Valley CA, (530)496-3371, or for more information, shop locations, and future show schedule. Photos and content used with permission.
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