Monday, December 8, 2008

Cottage Chic, Vacuuming Acorns, and Watering Lawn with Fire Hose

Update: In response to the comments regarding yardwork, Mr. Catnip announced that next year he will be hosting the first "Acorn Festival," and you are all invited to pick up (and take away) all of our acorns! (He's a funny guy, Mr. Catnip).
Since our first snow back in November, and a few minor rain drizzlers, it's just been cold and dry here in Northern California. Mr. Catnip did some yardwork, and tried out his new fire hose nozzle (we haul and store water for drought and fire-fighting). Lawn-watering went very fast.

Mr. Catnip likes our oak trees, but hates leaves and acorns, as he is in charge of the yard. More on that here. The lawn fills up with acorns in fall, and Mr. Catnip is pretty pleased with himself since he discovered that his shop vac does a great, and speedy, job of picking up those pesky acorns.
And, finally, December's issue of Country Home, my favorite magazine, features chic, cottage style on the cover, in aqua and pink and polka dots, oh my! I've added some of my own paper creations (decoupage ornament and paper stocking caps), polka dot gift cards, and a vintage, pink plastic Santa with sleigh and reindeer for a pretty picture.
Above is my shameless self-promotion closeup shot...

and, to close, Santa waves to all.


Haute Country Vintage Co. said...

Great blog :) i found you on the lolliguild. I also got a great chuckle at the pics of Mr.Catnip hard at work on the lawn!!

Lee W. said...

well, hey there- great blog! Found you on the guild, so love your stuff!! Tell hubby he can come vacuum my lawn. Lst year I think I took 5 WHEELBARROWS FULL off our lawn. We have 2, 100+ year oaks at the driveway, and about 8 hickory trees (dirty, filthy trees that drop nuts too). This year, I jsut gave up! Enter me in your givewaway!!

Wendy said...

Hi there-
Saw your post on the guild page. I live in Lafayette, Northern California too!

The Catnap Cottage said...

I love it - there is always more than one way to pick up acorns, wonder if it would work for our Georgia pine cones?? Cindy

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Found your link on the guild!
Merry Christmas!!

bstudio/Brenda said...

Hi Kathy, I know you from the lollishopsguild!
My hubby vacuums the spruce needles that accumulate in between the boards on our deck.
How come they'll vacuum outdoors but not indoors?

Mary Wadsworth said...

Hi Catnip, I am a fellow Lolli and found you on the guild. I can sympathize with Mr. Catnip about the acorns every fall our yard is a mess with them. Our dogs try to eat them.... so icky.
Never thought of using a shop- vac, tell Mr. Catnip thanks for the tip!


Heather said...

Hmm, maybe Mr catnip could come over and help vacuum up all the leaves that are falling, and he could bring his hose because its darn dry here in central CA too!!

Anonymous said...


I am doing a giveaway too if you have time to come to my blog - so cool we are doing them at the same time. Great minds think alike!! :)

I found you on the guild and you have such cute things and what a sweet giveaway, too!!


Kathy-Catnip Studio said...

Thanks to all of you for posting! As for those who requested Mr. Catnip's yard services - he, uhh, declined ;-)

Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Ha-Ha!!!! I laughed so hard at Mr. Catnip!! I love this guy! What a creative mind :-) and....he's given me some great ideas!!! Also I love love love your photographs!!! And I love that blue ornament...Blessings~Sharon

Graceful Glassier said...

Ohhh, how fun. I love to win stuff (not that it happens that often, though). I found your thread in the Lollishopping forum and ran right over to post a message on your lovely blog.

I love what you do with papers. I visited your Lollishop site and love your ornament tags, but more than that I really love your "one perfect rose". I am all about roses, love everything roses. My house is filled with them.

Anyay, should I be the lucky winner you can contact me either through my site at or simply E-mail me at

Thanks for the wonderful opportunity to win one of your loverly creations.

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