Thursday, March 19, 2009

Help! Vintage Mystery Beads

I am going to harvest these beads from this bib or collarette necklace, which looks homemade, and belonged to my grandmother. I would love to know more about them! What I can tell you:

  • they are opaque, shiny white, and cold to touch (glass beads, maybe);

  • they are slightly baroque (bumpy, irregular surface and shapes), which is why I haven't cleaned them as the texture is more visible;

  • they feel just barely oily or greasy to touch, but don't leave residue;

  • they are heavy, and make a clacking sound like glass beads;

  • they date to mid-twentieth century or older;

  • they don't have any discernable odor.
I think they are probably just soiled glass beads (go figure). Any knowledge or thoughts on these beads would be much appreciated!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Going Green

Glass Pendants from my new Etsy shop for vintage
treasures and artisan supplies, Huckleberry
I've been so busy with sales (yippee!), spring cleaning/reorganizing my studio, and planning and executing new jewelry, paper goods, and home decor, that I've neglected my blog - so, to announce my return (I'm half Irish, after all), here's Catnip Studio showing some green:

Lime Emissary Earrings

I hope you enjoyed the photos, and I'll be back soon.
Erin go bragh (Ireland forever)!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Another Tax Year Done, Front Page Wakeup, and Shout Outs

Finally, 2008 tax year is in the rear view mirror, and I woke up this morning to find I've missed (yet again, and as usual, sniff) seeing Catnip Studio Too on Etsy's Front Page. That would be because it was visible at 5:02 a.m., and I was asleep. Please forgive me for the shameless bragging and brazen self-promotion ;-)

My decoupage ornaments are bottom center, and here's a closeup:

Paisley Rose Ornament Set from Catnip Studio Too

My thanks to elleabelle for her beautifully curated Neopolitan ice cream-inspired treasury, and here's something just as sweet from her Etsy shop:

Sunset Earrings from elleabelle

And, a big thank you to LemonLollipop for letting me know about the front page, and here's just one of many delectable items from her Etsy shop:

Strawberry Soap from Lemon Lollipop

Also, I won a sweet blog giveaway recently, and my lovely handmade valentine from Tiny Bear arrived in the mail from Denmark last week. It is just perfect, like her tiny bears!

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