Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sailor's Delight, Feline Spring Fever, and a Paper Change of Pace

There was a storm to the south of us early last week, and it brought stunning evening skies into our view.

The catnip forest is now recovering from a severe trimming by Mr. Catnip last February, though Lily gave it the cold shoulder in favor of some succulent lawn bites.

Wylie, still a young man, likes to get out and about, and here he is doing his trapeze act on top of the fence.

He must have decided he needed more support (go figure, he weighs 15 pounds), so he moved to the fencepost. Note his front paws in relation to the rest of him. What a dorky cat :-)

I found some crafty stuff after cleaning my studio, like packages of paper luggage tags, and decided to play around with stamping and distressing them with ink. I have a pile of really ugly "oops" tags, but these sets came out nice enough.

Seashell Tags

These two seashell sets are my favorites.

Seashell Tags

I love the soft blue frame around each shell, and the blue speckled backgrounds.

Dragonfly Tags

I'm very pleased with the look of these dragonfly tags. The crackle background is one of my favorite stamps.

Bee Tags

The frame around each bee was supposed to be black ink. It came out very soft and gray, which led to a ribbon change. The ribbon I wanted to use was a checked black and tan.

Tea Time Tags

The purple paper at the tops of the Tea Time tags was my solution for tugging too hard on a ribbon, and ripping through a hole (dagnabit!). I like this happy accident very much. I used Smooch pearlized accent ink in silver, pearl, and green for a little detail.

Dragonfly Tags

Here I tried to convey the illusion of dragonfly flight and movement. This may require suspension of a great measure of disbelief on your part.

Tea Fern Tags

I fell in love with these fern stamps. Possibly because I've never been able to keep them alive as plants, inside or out. After a few weeks, my ferns always look like the brown one on the left. Always.

Feather Tags

I like chickenwire. Remember the '80s, when chickenwire in home decor design was the rage? If you don't remember, or were too young, don't fret - I'm bringing chickenwire back. Really.

O.K., not really, but I would if I could. You'll see it here, again, I promise, with my real inspiration for it. Hint: vintage. '40s. cottage. wallpaper.


Uniquely Myself said...

Cathy, these are just lovely. I did some this winter but haven't posted them yet. You are very creative!

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Beautiful as always!! You always do such a beautiful job on your creations.

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