Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Willow Ware and a Wanted Poster

My love for broken china mosaics and plate patterns occasionally influences other areas of my crafting. I came across some willow ware rubber stamps, recently, (teacup, pitcher, plate) and just had to have them!

Blue Willow transferware, or willow ware in any color, is perfect for broken china mosaics. The romantic back story combined with the appealing design and color against a white background make for enduring, and versatile, cottage style.

I've seen willow ware in blue, green, and red (really a dark pink), mostly. Dark brown and caramel brown less frequently. Pale pink, lavender, and palest blue are even more rare, in my experience. Once, on eBay, I saw a yellow willow plate (it was a long time ago; it may not have been willow, but it was an unusual color for transferware in any case). I'll take them all, in any color, please!

Worn and chipped are the best, as I have no remorse for breaking them into mosaic tiles. Well, truth be told, I have no real remorse for breaking a perfect plate of any age or condition. There's an APB (All Plates Bulletin) out for me from the Plate Police Department. I'm Public Plate Enemy #1...


PussDaddy said...

I love those tags! I also like the jewelry made out of broken china.


PussDaddy said...

You know, I never realized you made jewelry. Your jewelry is as nice as your tags. I really like this butterfly. Many talents have you.


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