Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tiny Bear

I received a package from Denmark the other day - it was my embroidered linen hearts from tinybear! Aren't they delightful? Vintage MOP buttons and netting add to their romantic mood, and I've added an old pair of wire rim glasses and my grandmother's 1934 Graduation Memories keepsake booklet (more on that in a future post) in keeping with the vintage look of the hearts.

Decorative Pincushion

Along with decorated, stuffed hearts, tinybear creates beautiful handmade tiny bears (see them on her blog), home decor, fashion accessories, and jewelry available at her Etsy shop and LolliShop.

"12. Tage" Necklace

1 comment:

TinyBear said...

Hi Kathy
I´m so glad you like the hearts, and thank you so much for this post. What a nice surprise to get home to. It´s so sweet of you.
Thanks a lot.
Tina xx

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