Monday, November 30, 2009

Tiny But Feisty Productions

One of my Catnip Studio Too paper goods customers, Brenda, is a delightful correspondent and she recently sent me photos of what she had done with some of my gift tags. I was so pleased to see the results of her creativity and inspired embellishments that I thought you would enjoy them, too. Brenda makes greeting cards as a hobby, and I will be very excited to see her open her own shop someday. Brenda, AKA "A Tiny But Feisty Production", thank you so much for your friendship and loyalty!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hark! I Hear the Angels Calling

Hear the Angels Calling Tags

I've been working on digital collages using antique clip art, and printing the results into paper tags. I often work into the wee hours editing, coloring, and enhancing the images - time just flies by! I vaguely remember being just as enchanted by my coloring books and crayons once upon a time.

Insect Tags

Insect Tags

Botanical Rose Tags

Antique Butterfly Tags

Bird Egg Silhouette Tags

Terra Cotta Tags

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mrs. Kwitty's Cottage Goodness!

One of my very favorite places to visit is Mrs. Kwitty's Cottage, and I'm a longtime and ardent fan of her birdy tags and fabric accessories. I recently purchased these cheery and charming red toile birdy tags, and the snaptop bag is for my digital camera (and it's a perfect fit), though it was intended for a cell phone. I must draw your attention to the bird tag packaging - such lovely details like the punched edges, and the flower magnet (YES, magnet! brilliantly stuck to the package staple, I love this detail so much I want to steal the concept for my own packages (bad Kathy, bad, bad, Kathy)! And the camera/cell phone pouch is darling, I tell you! The pattern and color, the ricrac trim with Mrs. Kwitty's hand stitching for accent, and the button to finish - perfection. Just perfection. Oh, I forgot the outer packaging - in my favorite color, aqua, and with another beautifully detailed gift tag!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Angel from RoseTree Creations

Back in September, I signed up for two ornament swaps at Audrey's Country Crafts , and by October I had my assigned swap partners. Sadly, as most of you know, my sister, Angel, fell suddenly ill in mid-October and passed away October 29th, and my swap partners were willing to wait until I could get back home and back into my studio work. I've now mailed their decoupage ornaments, and just recently received a very special ornament from Sandy of RoseTree Creations. She let me know that she had made one especially for me, and now that I have it, I understand - I have to tell you, it brought tears to my eyes when I first saw it, and I will treasure it forever. Thank you, Sandy, for your thoughtfulness and kindness in making an ornament for my sister, Angel.
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