Thursday, December 31, 2009

Calling All Valentines!

On the brink of a new year, I've said goodbye to 2009, retired my happily depleted Christmas stock until July, and started crafting for Valentine's Day and Easter. 2010 brings new studio resolutions (more broken china mosaics and jewelry, more digital art, expand into greeting cards printed with my photography and digital art, work on my Artfire shop) and a new sales year with new goals (which I am still thinking on).
I'll be posting my second annual Valentine Giveaway very soon, but for now, here are some new Catnip Studio valentines for 2010, listed in my Etsy and my 1K Market shops.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Two nights ago, after spending two hours on a new digital collage, we had a brief power outage, and I had forgotten TO SAVE MY WORK on the computer so it was all gone. I began again last night, working into the wee hours, and tah-dah, she is finished! Scheherezade contains elements from cassandra204 (figure), moxylyn (background), and Land of Enchantment (curtain, distant architecture).


Monday, December 14, 2009

Venus Brimstone

I've been inspired by the brilliantly creepy and elegant long short story, Cleopatra Brimstone, written by Elizabeth Hand, and this digital collage is the result. It contains heavily altered antique images and elements from The Graphics Fairy (postcard, moth, Venus), Whimsical World of Fairies (frame), Rustic Pixel Backgrounds (background), and The Graphic Addict (roses).  
Mr. Catnip, a sometime art critic when forced coerced asked, stated, "It's bizarre!" (Cautionary reminder to self:  Be careful what you ask for, for you shall surely get it - or words to that effect).

Friday, December 11, 2009

Coloring Inside and Outside the Lines

I was a perfectionist as a child (as much as one can be at a young age, anyway). The slip of my crayon outside the lines would cause me great consternation. I developed a fool-proof method to keep from making this grievous error - I would outline inside the line, and color inside that line, thus leaving a small margin for hiccups. I didn't develop this brilliant adaptation until I was 6 or so, and there is no remaining evidence of my crayon genius. There is one coloring book, though, (my favoritist of favorites!) from when I was about four years old:

My grandmother saved it, along with my sister's copy, and tucked them away, unbeknownst to her grandchildren, in a closet for someday. That someday came when I was in my mid-twenties, called home from overseas duty by my grandfather. Some months after the funeral, when I was home again on leave, my grandfather asked my mother and I to sort out his house and my grandmother's belongings. When we found the coloring books - did I mention favoritist of favorites? - I wept with joy over discovering them, over renewed grief that someone who had loved me so much was gone.

I was working on a digital collage today, scratching away at the image in colorful aqua lines, thinking how much like coloring with crayons it was...

...and I went hunting for that old coloring book. I remembered that I gave my late sister, Angel, her copy for Christmas that year it was found, and that she too wept with happiness and sadness.

Another Christmas is fast approaching; it's been a month and a half since my sister's death. I flipped through the pages of my old coloring book, and lingered on memories of childhood with my sister, and I wept - with joy from the memories, and with renewed grief that someone I love so much is gone.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Etsy Personal Best Redux - With a Twist!

Treasury curated by Life in the Past Lane

Well, my last personal best was surpassed November 29th - not only was I on Etsy's Front Page twice in one day, but it was for the same set of Compass Tags! Treasury screen shots courtesy of Craftcult. If you're curious, check out all of the front page treasuries that featured Catnip Studio Too with this link.

Treasury curated by Etsy Admin
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