Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sales Mystery Solved - I Can Cx the Call to Sherlock

I recently listed a set of my bird house gift tags in new patterns and, much to my surprise, they sold rather quickly (usually it takes a while for my creations to find their new home from my Etsy shop, Catnip Studio Too). The reason why, yep, front page on Etsy the day of the sale (image courtesy of Craftcult):

I am always thrilled to make the front page, and have certainly been there more than my fair share, but I think it comes down to this:  I have a large variety of color schemes in my shop items, I use the main colors as tags, and I make my photos as clear and bright as possible with my photo-editing software (without misrepresenting how the items appears in real life, monitor differences aside).

Catnip Studio has been on the front page of 1000 Markets a few times, and been a 1K "Staff Pick", but there's no archive of these ephemeral moments for 1K (yet) like there is for Etsy. I find out via my fellow 1K shopkeepers, or by pure luck I visit the site at exactly the right time, like yesterday:

1K Front Page 1-21-10

To take screen shots like these (instructions for Windows), click and hold "ctrl", click "print screen", then open the Windows "Paint" program, click "edit", click "paste" and you should see the image. Next, click "File/save as", choose .jpg or whatever and the location on your computer ("desktop" makes it easy to find), and save the image. Open the image in your photoediting program to crop it and so on, and save it to the folder of your choice. 

1K Staff Picks 10-11-09



Beautiful creations, certainly worthy of the mentions by Etsy, 1000 Markets... Congrats on having these items featured. That makes for a great week! ~ Angela

Sadie Lou said...

You do take really great photos.

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