Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Studio Reveal (Part 3 - Storage Solutions cont.)

Most of the small storage in my studio is thrifted treasure that I've repaired and painted, like the wood tabletop rack, skinny wall shelf, and spice rack.

The old glass canning jars are married to orphan pottery lids.

The old lidless bean pot holding colored pencils was a junk store find. I love how it has all of the bright colors of my studio!
This glass-paned door was architectural salvage. It makes a great divider at the ending of my beading station - it doesn't block the light, and serves as vertical storage and display on both sides. For safety, Mr. Catnip attached it directly to my beading desk.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Studio Reveal, (Part 3 - Storage Solutions)

Ribbon rolls before.

Ribbon rolls after. This is the front of the stairs to the attic in my studio. The ribbon rolls are strung on skinny wood dowels from Ace Hardware. The dowels are placed into closet rod plastic caps from Walmart.

This is the back of the stairs. These photos were taken before I attached a length of clear plastic sheeting to the back of the stairs behind the ribbon rolls to protect them from dirty boots.

String, twine, and yarn before.

String after. The tension rods are from Ace Hardware, and their screw-set locks made them easy to secure to the right length.

Twine after. I am a constant recycler/reuser of food containers and jars, and my mom and friends contribute to my cause. From left to right, the coffee, cheese sprinkle, and peanut butter jars house rolls of unruly twine. Mr. Catnip drilled holes in the jar lids for easy access. The cheese sprinkle jar lid's many large holes were perfect for the larger diameter twine.

I rarely use my yarns in crafting, so they were relegated to these empty round teaset boxes. I love how the polka dot lids repeat the polka dots found throughout my studio. I made the handstamped labels as I have several more of these boxes waiting for use, and I'm certain to forget what's in them. Below the boxes is the shelf where the ribbon rolls used to be stacked and crowded - now holding just miscellaneous and specialty ribbon.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Studio Reveal (Part 2 - Custom Curtains)

My studio curtains were custom made for my windows by Etsy shop Tallulah Sophie. Robin, the shop owner, perfectly captured the bright polka dots and florals with black that I was envisioning for my new digs, and she adjusted her standard curtain pattern to fit the details of my windows and mounted hardware. They fit beautifully and the black pompom trim is so fun!

Each curtain has different pattern combos within the black floral panels.

Robin included a delightful surprise in my curtain package - a darling miniature clothesline!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Studio Reveal, At Last! (Part 1- Overview)

It's been a long four months since my last post about moving to my new studio! In that time, between shop orders and summer vacation, Mr. Catnip and I got my studio interior mostly finished and moved in furniture and supplies. I'm still working on organization and storage, but I think it's as photo-ready as it will ever be, as I always have several projects in progress.                   
 This corner is my beading station, still messy.

This corner is my workbench, a solid steel steal at $50.00 plus paint, new wheels, and plexiglass top and shelves.

This area is for paper crafting.

This area is the studio entrance. The desk and cabinet top were married to hold miscellaneous supplies and crafting books.

The baseboards (actually the cement foundation) and trims are painted in matte black to disguise as much of the old barn's flaws as possible. The cement floor was covered with a product for garage floors. We picked a neutral beige and sprinkled tiny black and white speckles. It has a clear topcoat and is very durable. My old persian carpets warm up and soften the cement floor.
Part 2 is about my custom made curtains from TallulahSophie.
Part 3 will focus on my storage ideas and repurposed vintage.
Part 4 will show the outside of my studio, a rustic patio work-in-progress.
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