Monday, September 6, 2010

Studio Reveal, At Last! (Part 1- Overview)

It's been a long four months since my last post about moving to my new studio! In that time, between shop orders and summer vacation, Mr. Catnip and I got my studio interior mostly finished and moved in furniture and supplies. I'm still working on organization and storage, but I think it's as photo-ready as it will ever be, as I always have several projects in progress.                   
 This corner is my beading station, still messy.

This corner is my workbench, a solid steel steal at $50.00 plus paint, new wheels, and plexiglass top and shelves.

This area is for paper crafting.

This area is the studio entrance. The desk and cabinet top were married to hold miscellaneous supplies and crafting books.

The baseboards (actually the cement foundation) and trims are painted in matte black to disguise as much of the old barn's flaws as possible. The cement floor was covered with a product for garage floors. We picked a neutral beige and sprinkled tiny black and white speckles. It has a clear topcoat and is very durable. My old persian carpets warm up and soften the cement floor.
Part 2 is about my custom made curtains from TallulahSophie.
Part 3 will focus on my storage ideas and repurposed vintage.
Part 4 will show the outside of my studio, a rustic patio work-in-progress.



Your new studio looks like it is just perfect!

Have fun creating,

TinyBear said...

Congrats on your new studio Kathy. it looks really great and with lots of space too.
xo Tina

Sea Witch said...

WOW WOW and WOW! Can I come over and play? Sea Witch


So perfect! Functional, beautiful and a wonderful place to create. Your hard work surely has paid off!! I'm looking forward to seeing the other posts. Have a great week! ~ Angela

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

WOW!! Great creative space!! My studio is so unorganized that I can't find what I need when I need it. Your space looks SO organized!

JoaniB said...

Wow! I have the most major case of studio envy! Happy for you, though. What a wonderful place to create!

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