Sunday, September 12, 2010

Studio Reveal, (Part 3 - Storage Solutions)

Ribbon rolls before.

Ribbon rolls after. This is the front of the stairs to the attic in my studio. The ribbon rolls are strung on skinny wood dowels from Ace Hardware. The dowels are placed into closet rod plastic caps from Walmart.

This is the back of the stairs. These photos were taken before I attached a length of clear plastic sheeting to the back of the stairs behind the ribbon rolls to protect them from dirty boots.

String, twine, and yarn before.

String after. The tension rods are from Ace Hardware, and their screw-set locks made them easy to secure to the right length.

Twine after. I am a constant recycler/reuser of food containers and jars, and my mom and friends contribute to my cause. From left to right, the coffee, cheese sprinkle, and peanut butter jars house rolls of unruly twine. Mr. Catnip drilled holes in the jar lids for easy access. The cheese sprinkle jar lid's many large holes were perfect for the larger diameter twine.

I rarely use my yarns in crafting, so they were relegated to these empty round teaset boxes. I love how the polka dot lids repeat the polka dots found throughout my studio. I made the handstamped labels as I have several more of these boxes waiting for use, and I'm certain to forget what's in them. Below the boxes is the shelf where the ribbon rolls used to be stacked and crowded - now holding just miscellaneous and specialty ribbon.


Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

What a clever girl you are!! I absolutely LOVE the stairs with your ribbon!! Fantastic! I love love love your studio as well. It looks like my favorite place on the planet...Hobby Lobby!!!! Hugs friend, Sharon


Brilliant! Especially fond of the ribbon storage. The cleverest idea I've seen for ribbon storage. The whole studio is such a dreamy place! Hope you have a great week. ~ Angela

Mary Albrethsen said...

How I envy you your space. I am still trying to get some order in mine and trying to sew and create at the same time. Makes the work twice as hard. Maybe some day I can post pics of a finished area.
Your vintage clip art is beautiful. You have some beautiful tags.
Thanks for sharing.
Mary Albrethsen

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