Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How to Turn a Piece of Tin into Decoupage Wall Art

Continuing with documenting my creative processes for my Artfire Handmade Artifact, this post is about my decoupage wall art from tin plaques.

I like to use a deckled edge so, after printing my digital art to size, I use a ruler to tear the card stock. The longer the edge, the easier to tear, so I always tear the shorter ends first. 

I cover the tin with Mod Podge, place the print, and use a brayer to roll out the air bubbles and adhere the cardstock. A bone folder works, too. 

Check for air bubbles by sighting down the surface. If you can't roll or scrape them out, pop with with a pin or slice with a craft knife, then carefully roll/scrape.  Sand any excess paper from the edges as needed. I like to use manicure sanding blocks in various grits.

Distress ink edges and surface to your preference. Repeat above for back of plaque if you use more paper (a dictionary page in my case). Paint makes a nice finish for the back, or just Mod Podge the naked tin and follow with sealant as noted below. 

I continue with one or two more coats of Mod Podge for both sides, alternating brush stroke direction for each coat. This gives a kind of canvas texture to the surface. I add my studio label  to the back before the last coat of Mod Podge. The final two or three coats are Ceramcoat Satin Varnish in alternating brush strokes. It is very important to let each coat of Mod Podge and varnish to dry completely before flipping to coat other side.

 The final steps are to use a small round file to clear out the pre-drilled holes of my plaques (you can always drill the holes where you want them, though), set an eyelet for a nice finish, and make a pretty beaded and curled hanger. Another option is to make a ribbon hanger.

Bourdon Bee is my most popular decoupage wall art piece, and can be purchased from my Artfire, Etsy, or Zibbet shop.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sock Monkey Birthday Party in Pink

I'm thrilled to note that another customer sent me a photo, via Etsy feedback, of how she used my Pink Heel Sock Monkey Tags as part of the place settings for a sock monkey themed birthday party AND she blogged about all of the party decorations, many from Etsy shops, here.

I can only remember one of my childhood birthday parties, and it, too, featured monkeys (as in, a barrel full, all over the walls).  Monkeys are memorable!
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